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SAIT to refine and assist with design of the CARBiNX units

Date: 7th July 2017


CleanO2 is proud to announce a collaborative project with the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology; a leading Canadian research college. The scope of this project will bring the technology created by CleanO2 to a new level in carbon capture for the commercial heating industry. The project is dealing with nanoscale technology as well as design efficiencies. This project is to be rolled out over the next three years and will eventually include networking capabilities, IoT, and increasing capture efficiencies.

This marks a major step towards the significant reduction of greenhouse gas emissions from the heating industry which accounts for roughly 12% of the total output from Canada.

We’d like to thank the researchers; Emerson Burns, Emily Swan and Ryan Moore at ARIS (Applied Research and Innovation Services at SAIT) for the opportunity to work together and to help launch an entirely new industry in small scale carbon capture systems.


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