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CARBiNX vs ???

Date: 31st July 2017

Ali vs Frazier.

Ferrari vs Porsche

iPhone vs Android

CARBiNX  vs ????

Innovators need and thrive on competition to push their industry to new levels, and at CleanO2, we’re no different. As we continue to develop and manufacture our carbon capture technology, one of the obstacles we run into is the lack of competition.

In the current hyper-tech world of cell phones, Apple and its iPhone is perceived to be ground breakers when it comes to the beginning of the communication explosion. Stories of Steve Jobs have become legendary, such as his wanting, no, demanding that the first iPhone have only one button. As great as the first iPhones were, the following generations vastly improved upon the previous ones. With that said, Android phones and even blackberry would help drive the entire mobile tech-world to such a fast pace that mobile devices were becoming obsolete within a year. The competition among several companies gave consumers an uncontrollable appetite for newer and newer technology. That demand in the market inspired and forced companies to create better mobile devices and platforms. Investors and funding became plentiful, all of which ultimately made the industry into a perpetual state of innovation.

It’s easy to see where we’re going with this. We’re not the big fish in a small pond when it comes to small scale carbon capture, we are the only fish. Our CARBiNX unit happily welcomes competition and innovators with a similar vision. As we’ve mentioned, competition will push the envelope of carbon capture technology, making units even more efficient, perhaps smaller and find greater uses of the by-products.

With more companies in the mix, funding, whether it’s from the private sector or government, becomes more accessible as well. As the technology evolves and has proven results, investors and their capital will find its way to the pockets of start-up companies and will also fuel existing ones.

Clean energy is not just a passing conversation to have while oil recovers, it’s not going anywhere. Solar and Wind energy get the lion’s share of the attention when it comes to clean energy, however, carbon capture and our technology also has a great positive impact on the environment. With global initiatives to reduce CO2 levels in the atmosphere and new carbon taxes, there is a need for more innovators in carbon capture technology.



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