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CleanO2 is awarded the 2018 Emerging technologies award

Date: 14th June 2018

When we started on this path of innovation in the heating industry 13 years ago, none of us could have guessed where we would end up. The technology we have poured blood sweat and tears over is as a result of more than just innovative thinking. It’s having the understanding that it takes a village to bring an idea to life. It’s recognizing the talents in others and not being afraid to sit in the back seat while these people shine. It’s also about knowing when you have the potential of something great and when to ask for help to realize what you have.

We would like to thank the team at CleanO2 and the various industries, companies, and organizations that help us realize our dream. We would like to thank the judging panel for this incredible honour and acknowledging the technology that we have spent so long developing.

We’d like to thank the Canadian Gas Association for their involvement in opening doors and introducing us to so many incredible people that have helped shape our company into what it is today. Thanks to the many gas utility companies that have seen what we see in this endeavour and continue to support us as we commercialize and move across our great country. These companies include FortisBC, Pacific Northern Gas, ATCO Gas, Enbridge Gas, Union Gas, and Centerpoint Energy.

We need to thank the Canadian Trade Commission for helping us move beyond our borders and into some amazing countries with the vision to help us showcase this technology on a global scale.

We’d like to thank the various educational institutions that are moving the dial and advancing this technology to eventually include networking and on-board data management as well as helping validate our cause. We want to thank the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology and the Applied Research and Innovation Services group, The University of British Columbia, The University of Fraser Valley, The Simon Fraser University and The Northern Lights College.

We’d like to thank our suppliers who continue to help us scale our company and have been so incredibly patient with us as we learn the rope of scaling a completely new industry. These companies include Allied Metal, Valley Metal, James Electric, Wolseley Canada, Calgary Fasteners, B&E Electronics, Roto Precision, 3D Spool, and ClearTech Industries.

We’d like to thank the various legal and administration firms that continue to help us make sense of the inner workings of running a scrappy little start-up. These are companies like EnerNext, BLG LLP, Bennett Jones LLP, JL Accounting, and Intertek. We look forward to a many more conversations with you as we try to understand how your industries work and how we can work towards becoming a better company.

And last but not least, we need to thank the various local, provincial and federal granting agencies that had faith in us and continue to give us a hand in growing to become a multi national Canadian company. These organizations include Alberta Innovates, NSERC, Innovate Calgary, Calgary Technologies.

From everyone at CleanO2, Thank you.

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