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CleanO2 Sponsoring High Altitude Balloon Launch

Date: 25th September 2017

The team at CleanO2 is excited to announce that we are sponsoring the Airdrie Space Science Club’s High Altitude Balloon Launch on September 30, 2017.  In 2010 the club successfully snapped a picture of the Earth at 60,000 ft, the experiment was dubbed Airdrie Balloon Experiment 1.


This is not the club’s first time launching a high altitude balloon into the upper atmosphere in fact, this will be the club’s 7th launch! The club is following the footsteps of epic space missions such at the Apollo launches. Last year, the Airdrie Space Science Club reached it’s highest altitude when their high altitude balloon flew to more than 135,000 feet. This year’s launch will take place in Carbon, Alberta and is expected to match and or exceed that height.

The mission objectives of this year’s launch is to not only snap a picture at an altitude of +135,000 feet, but more importantly, the experiment wants to continue to inspire young students in the field of space science. The experiment will conduct research, show the frailty of the Earth’s atmosphere and educate students on the science of launching a high altitude balloon. The experiment will also promote the importance of reducing carbon emissions and as everyone knows, carbon reduction always grabs our attention at CleanO2.

Airdrie teacher and space science aficionado Brian Jackson is mission director for the high altitude balloon launch. For anyone who wants to convoy out to Carbon, the launch site, the group will meet at the Tim Hortons beside the Canadian Tire that morning at 8:00. Brian estimates the ascent of the high altitude balloon to take around 2 hours and the descent will require approximately 45 minutes. The entire launch is contingent on weather conditions, especially wind speeds. A windy day can have the high altitude balloon land in Saskatchewan or even further.or those who are unable to join us but want to track the flight, they can check out and enter either VE6JBJ-11 or VE6JBJ-14 in the “track callsign” section in the upper right hand corner. Anyone that is interested in chasing and tracking the high altitude balloon is more than welcome to join Brian and the CleanO2 team. If you want more information and or want to be apart of this 7th mission to the upper atmosphere, you can email Brian at 

Follow our social media channels as we will post updates and have a countdown to the launch of Airdrie Balloon Experiment VII!




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