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Getting by with a little help from our friends.

Date: 26th March 2019

I first met Kathi at her office across town here in Calgary back in 2005. I recognized early on that you should surround yourself with talented people. Especially when those people have skills that you clearly lack. I recall walking into her water treatment company that she and her husband ran and asking who was the biggest chemistry nerd and could I ask a few questions. The fingers all point unanimously to Kathi.

Kathi Fischer is the second founder of CleanO2 and has been helping develop our technology since it’s inception. Her help in understanding the chemical processes needed to make our system function have been tremendously important given my lack of expertise in this field. She has been involved in the chemical markets since 1992 and has a wealth of knowledge in both chemical processes and the chemical markets.

When she isn’t helping me keep all my fingers or steering this ship in the wrong direction she is attending conferences and has traveled around the world promoting our innovative carbon capture solution.

What makes her “coolness factor” even better? When she isn’t changing the carbon capture narrative, she’s an avid fossil hunter and spends her free time travelling with her family to various locations in search of her next treasure.

Thanks for everything Kathi!

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