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Date: 18th September 2017

This week, the YYC streets were the galactic centre of innovation and the team at CleanO2 were proud to have a booth set up at Techstock 2017. If you’re not plugged into the world Innovate Calgary, take some time to explore their website

Techstock 2017 showcased Calgary companies that use innovative technology to impact society in areas such as: agriculture, health, education, environment, gender equality and more. As mentioned above, CleanO2 was present at the convention with a scaled down CARBiNX unit, which utilizes carbon capture technology. Attendees of the convention that stopped by the CleanO2 booth were greeted by company CEO Jaeson Cardiff, who is always ready to talk about carbon reduction. Jaeson also discussed with fellow exhibitors and attendees current projects that CleanO2 is excited about, in particular the news of ATCO purchasing a commercial CARBiNX unit  that will be installed at one of their distribution offices, you can read the article here.

As much as CleanO2 loves carbon capture, we were able to explore other exhibits and were excited about many of the local companies that are making their marks in a variety of industries. On the social and health innovation side, we were impressed with Play City, a free app that connects people who want to be active and healthy through sports. For example, if you love playing badminton and are dying to have a game, the PlayCityApp will allow you to find someone who is more than willing to take you up on your challenge, of course, skill levels and proximity are taken into consideration. We were also impressed with the team at Deep Water Farms. They are set to revolutionize the agriculture industry with aquaponic technology, which will provide: high quality, sustainable and fresh produce to local restaurants and grocery stores.

From freeing the world of parking anxiety to 4 dimensional physiotherapy to mobile escape rooms, Innovate Calgary and its Techstock 2017 convention had local technology on display. Click here for the complete list of companies that are making big moves in technology and innovation.

















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