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The World's First Carbon Capture Soap

Clean climate. Clean you.

Meet the Evergreen Collection

Always available. Always wonderful.

How it works

Silky smooth, CO2-sequestering suds


Behind each body bar is a new type of technology, CarbinX, that captures the greenhouse gas CO2.


CarbinX converts the carbon from CO2 into pearl ash, which gives our soap a smooth lather. So every bar is climate action in progress.


No part of the soap will ever “turn back” into CO2. You’ve done your part to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

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New arrivals

Sustain Eraser

Clean up the planet and your stains with the Sustain Eraser stick.

Extremely effective on oil and grease stains. Easy to use. Travel friendly.

Get the Starter Kit for $28/$21 (CAD/USD)

Looking to make your bathroom more eco-friendly? Welcome to the world’s first soap brand that actively cleans the climate (while you clean you!) Get our four most popular body bars. Or upgrade to all eight and we’ll also send you a bonus soap lift to mount your new found morning ritual.

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"One of my favorites! The Montane Meadow smells like home in the country side to me. It’s a beautiful fragrance with a lovely silky lather."

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"Hands down this is one of the best rose scents ever. Plus the Renewable Rose bar feels so smooth and bubbly on the skin and my skin doesn't feel dry after using."

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"The Earthy Almond bar is one of my favourite soaps - the fragrance is lovely and not too strong, and the slight exfoliating texture is a great plus!"

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Because shipping creates carbon emissions...

Online purchases involve real-world shipping. To offset the carbon-emissions created as we transport our products to your door, we've partnered with Ecologi to plant one mangrove tree for every online purchase. Coastal mangrove stands are incredibly effective habitats for the storage of carbon.

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