Creating a carbon market

In 2005, we set ourselves on a very unfamiliar path. The idea of capturing carbon was relatively new and entirely focused on the large industrial emitters. At the time, typical carbon dioxide scrubbing technologies were using amine (derived from ammonia) based chemistry. Today, you have a plethora of scrubbing processes in development. From bioreactors to membrane technologies that can create products with superior properties in everything from concrete to soap. We've certainly come a long way since we started.

Suffice to say, when we started, the road map  to directly reduce emissions at a micro scale  was unheard of in the carbon capture world. But try and try again we did and finally, 15 years later, we can say that CleanO2 is among the first in the world to bring decentralized carbon capture to market. 

The road ahead is still pretty foggy, with government policies trying to catch up to what this industry is activity deploying and educating the masses of the positive impact a carbon market can have is certainly not going to be easy, but we are convinced we are heading in the right direction. 

Let's see where this goes. We are all in this together.