A few facts and falsehoods about CleanO2



Fact: CleanO2 has been developing it's technology for nearly 15 years. When we first started to look at developing technology that could effectively reduce carbon emission from heating appliances in 2005, it was meant to get our story published in a popular science and tech magazine. We had no intention of developing a business at the time. Yet here we are, nearly 15 years later having finally found our place in the world of reducing emissions by way of creating value from a waste stream of carbon dioxide. What started in a basement has spread around the globe with interest in our technology from Canada, the United States, Ireland, Norway, Italy, India, Japan, China, and South Korea. It has been a long road, complete with every stereotypical hurdle a new company with a new technology could have faced and we suspect a few new hurdles never experienced before. It's worth pointing out that micro-scale carbon capture for heating systems didn't exist until we created it in 2005.

Fact: The name CleanO2 being aligned as a soap provider was purely coincidental. The name CleanO2 does not reference any type of cleaning products. Although CleanO2 has become a provider of soap and detergent products, the name is derived from the message we are trying to relay of separating the carbon "C" from the oxygen "O2". The arrival at our current business model of creating sustainable products with captured carbon dioxide was pure serendipity.

Fact: An early prototype almost cost the inventor his house. During the early days of prototype development, the inventor; Jaeson Cardiff nearly blew his house up from accidentally generating hydrogen in a capture unit attached to his furnace at home. The prototype now sits in the CleanO2 office as a conversation piece.

False: The Carbon Dioxide is only temporarily trapped in the soap. We've seen a number of comments and articles claiming that the carbon dioxide is released when you use our soap and that the capture process is only temporary. This is only true if you either burn the soap or throw it in a bucket of acid. The carbonate in the soap is bound from the chemical process and will not leach out later in the sewer pipes or in the watershed.

False: The CARBiNX unit also acts as a time machine. Rest assured, that while our "Behind the scenes wizardry" is truly magical, attempting to enter the reaction chamber will not end in anyone's favour nor will you be transported to another time/dimension.

And last but not least...

False: We are heavily funded by the Illuminati or some other secret society.

...or is it?