Ingredients (Part 2)

The Virtues of CleanO2 Cold Process Soap

100% Vegan 

Our all-natural soap is made with skin-nourishing fats and oils derived from plants and captured carbon that produces a silky lather. We’ve proven that it’s possible to create an effective eco-soap that’s gentle on your skin and helps the environment. 

Biodegradable and Eco-Friendly

Our soap bars, shave bars, and liquid soaps are fully biodegradable, meaning they can be naturally broken down by microorganisms. Our biodegradable products leave no trace in the environment after they wash down your drain. Plus, we never use palm oil, sulfates, phthalates, parabens, or synthetic dyes...only skin-friendly and  eco-friendly ingredients.

One important thing to note about pearl ash: it doesn’t revert back to carbon dioxide, even after the soap is used. The carbon stays captured permanently. Otherwise, we adhere to the principles of circular beauty.

Local, Handmade and Cold-Processed

While we use carbon capture and sequestration to make our natural products, we don’t stop there. 

Each of CleanO2’s handmade body bars, hand bars and shave bar is cold processed and takes six to eight weeks to cure. This process was first documented nearly 5,000 years ago and we still use it today.  

Our eco-soap is made by combining natural botanical oils with lye and water (plus pearl ash, of course). The chemical reaction that follows is called saponification and leads to the production of soap molecules. 

We could apply heat to speed up the curing process and make hard bars sooner (this is called hot processing) but we choose not to. It would create additional carbon emissions. Plus, we think good things take patience.

We go even further to minimize our own carbon footprint and build communities. We partner with community-based suppliers, to help build up sustainable capacity around the globe. We also take into account shipping distances when sourcing our ingredients, to help carbon produced by transportation. And for every online order, we plant a mangrove tree