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Deep Clean

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Get a deep clean with this assortment of CleanO2 essentials! This gift box has something for everyone. Activated Charcoal is the perfect detoxifier to add to your skin care routine, while Enviro Mint will freshen up your shower routine. Use our sustain eraser for getting off your oldest oily stains. Restoration scrub is the perfect gift for any mechanic, gardener or painter. And to round out this bundle we have included a grey bio plastic soap lift to keep your bars high and dry. 


Why is CleanO2 the Best Bar Soap for the Environment?

Just like trees and other plants all across the world, we at CleanO2 have figured out how to pull carbon from the air and sequester it forever. Using our state-of-the-art technology, CarbinX, the carbon we capture is converted into a common and 100% safe ingredient called potassium carbonate (pearl ash). The carbon dioxide is sequestered during extraction and will never be released into the atmosphere. This is the world’s first carbon capture soap, made for you.

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