Introducing the world’s first aggregated commercial carbon capture device; CARBiNX is a sleek, carbon munching addition to your business, set to revolutionize the industry. Reducing energy demands through heat recovery and using our unique carbon capture process to produce a valuable by-product; soda ash.


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The CleanO2 Vlog Episode 003

Before you go check out The Last Jedi this week, catch Episode 003 of The CleanO2 Vlog! In this episode catch all your favourite CleanO2 team members Jaeson Cardiff, Calvin... Read more »

The CleanO2 Vlog Episode 002

Clean O2’s Chemist Extraordinaire Kathi Fischer makes her debut on the Vlog this week! Kathi and CEO Jaeson Cardiff explain our Carbon Capture unit, which is designed to lower emissions... Read more »

FortisBC and CleanO2 collaboration

We are proud to announce a pilot project with FortisBC to further commercialize our technology and to help reduce emissions and increase building efficiencies.