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Introducing the world’s first aggregated commercial carbon capture device; CARBiNX is a sleek, carbon munching addition to your business, set to revolutionize the industry. Reducing energy demands through heat recovery and using our unique carbon capture process to produce a valuable by-product; carbonates.


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2019 JWN Cleantech Award Champion

We are honoured to be selected as the JWN 2019 Cleantech award Champion. Thanks to the Applied Research and Innovation Services department at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT... Read more »

What if?

In 1896 a Swedish scientist named Svante Arrhenius was the first to suggest that the potential increase of carbon dioxide from industrial processes in our atmosphere could have a negative... Read more »

Did you wash your hands today?

Do you know what every commercial property has aside from a mechanical room? Washrooms. Plenty of them. The Bow here in Calgary has 120. FYI. On average, people wash their... Read more »

Clean O2 Soap

We hope you're as excited about our soap as we are! Each bar of soap is made using some of the byproduct from our carbon capture process.