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How it works

Silky smooth, CO2-sequestering suds


Buildings heated by natural gas install our astonishing CO2-capturing CarbinX units


Captured carbon is turned into a new, cleaner compound called pearl ash


Pearl ash gives our soap a smooth lather and keeps CO2 sequestered, even after you scrub!

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Same Great Bar, Just a New Name

We have renamed our bar soaps to better reflect how they smell. Here is the key to help you find your old favourites (or find a new scent you'd never considered).

Coffee & Honey β†’ Earthly Almond

Shea & Aloe β†’ Eco Aloe

Spearmint & Clay β†’ Enviro Mint

Wilderness Lager β†’ Montane Meadow

Juicy RosΓ© β†’ Renewable Rose

Mulled Merlot β†’ Sustainable Spice

Gears & Gardens β†’ Restoration Scrub

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Bar Soaps

Bar Soaps

We’re raising the bar on what makes soap sustainable and environmentally-friendly with... 

Liquid Soaps

Liquid Soaps

Our high-quality liquid soaps are all made with captured carbon with a... 

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Because shipping creates carbon emissions...

Online purchases involve real-world shipping. To offset the carbon-emissions created as we transport our products to your door, we've partnered with Ecologi to plant one mangrove tree for every online purchase. Coastal mangrove stands are incredibly effective habitats for the storage of carbon.

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