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About CleanO2’s All-Natural Bar Soaps

At CleanO2, we think that personal-care products should benefit, not harm, the environment. And we think that less is more. Here’s how we put those ideas into action.

The World’s First Carbon Capture Soap 

Every CleanO2 Body Bar contains captured carbon, to help fight climate change. At CleanO2, we make CarbinX™ devices that capture the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide and turn it into pearl ash (or potassium carbonate; you can learn more about this technology at carbinx.com). We add the pearl ash to our soaps, giving the lather wonderfully silky suds. Even after you use the bar, the carbon remains captured as pearl ash, so it doesn’t revert to climate-changing carbon dioxide — a major win in itself. 

Earth Friendly Ingredients Only

Even without the captured carbon, CleanO2 soap is still an earth-friendly premium bar by any measure. Let us explain by showing you all the key ingredients you’ll find in our soaps.  

FYI (what's with the italics?) 

In the ingredient descriptions below, you'll see some words in italics. These are the scientific names of the plants from which the ingredients are extracted. We also include the common names for the plants beside the scientific names. On the ingredients list on our soap boxes, you'll only see the scientific name. That's because we adhere to the International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients (INCI).


Botanical (Base) Oils

There are the six oils that make up the heart and soul of every CleanO2 carbon capture body bar. Extracted from plants, these natural oils take part in the saponification reaction to produce the actual soap in our bars. 

- olive oil (sodium olivate)

- shea butter (sodium shea butterate)

- castor oil (sodium castorate)

- avocado oil (sodium avocadate)

- coconut oil (sodium cocoate) 

- rice bran oil (sodium ricate)

We’ve carefully curated these oils and blended them in the perfect proportions to make a great shower and bathing experience. Note that there’s no palm oil on this list. 

Coconut Milk & Glycerin

In our soaps, you’ll find two types of moisturizers. Emollients are natural oils like coconut milk extract (Cocos nucifera) that help replenish your skin’s natural moisture barrier.

Other moisturizers we use are humectants that attract water to the skin surface and keep the skin moist. These are ingredients like propanediol and glycerin.

Glycerin is a welcome byproduct of the soap-creating saponification reaction and is found in all of our body bars and hand bars.

You’ll find moisturizers in our Restoration Scrub Hand Bar and our Eco Aloe Body Bar.

Activated Charcoal

Activated charcoal is a natural deodorizer and great for cleaning oily skin due to its ability to absorb oil, bacteria, and toxins. We use activated charcoal made from bamboo because it is  sustainable, thanks to the ability of this plant to grow fast with minimal water. 

Find it in our Activated Charcoal Body Bar.

Essential Oils

Essential oils give our soaps their wonderful scents. They are natural oils extracted from plants. We use a wide variety of all-natural essential oils that you can enjoy while you lather up. For example we use spearmint essential oil (Mentha spicata) in our Enviro Mint Body Bar and tea tree oil (Melaleuca alternafolia) in our Activated Charcoal Body Bar

Aloe Leaf Extract

Aloe leaf extract (Aloe barbadensis) is a moisturizer (a humectant, to be specific) that attracts water to the vulnerable surface layer of skin.  

Find it in our Eco Aloe Body Bar.

Chlorophyll & Coffee

Plain soap tends to have earth shades. We use natural colourants, such as chlorophyll (chlorophyllin) and coffee (Coffea arabica), to perk them up on occasion.

Natural Sugar

Soap, as you know, is bubbly. Lather enhancers make it even more so. In our soaps, these enhancers are either sugars from starch or extracted from fruits. Examples are sorbitol and maltodextrin. Other sources of sugars are liquids, such as wine and beer.

Found in our Eco Aloe Body BarMontane Meadow Body BarSustainable Spice Body Bar and Renewable Rose Body Bar.


The clays we use come as a fine powder. While you might think they’d be abrasive, clays like bentonites, montmorillonite and kaolinite actually give the soap a pleasing slickness. They also “fix” the scents and colours, for a more sensual appeal. 

You’ll find at least one clay in all of our body bars.

Pumice & Coffee Grounds

If you want to scrub away dead skin and other debris, you want an exfoliant in your soap. These mild abrasives can come from many sources, including volcanic rock (pumice) and recycled coffee grounds (Coffea arabica).

Pumice adds to the cleaning power of Restoration Scrub Hand Bar and ground coffee is used in Earthly Almond Body Bars.

The Virtues of CleanO2 Cold Process Soap

Vegan, Biodegradable and Eco-Friendly

Our all-natural soap is made with skin-nourishing fats and oils derived from plants and captured carbon that produces a silky lather. We’ve proven that it’s possible to create an effective eco-soap that’s gentle on your skin and helps the environment.

Our all-natural soap bars and liquid soaps are fully biodegradable, meaning they can be naturally broken down by microorganisms. This means our biodegradable body wash, hand soap and body bars leave no harmful trace in the environment after they wash down your drain. Plus, we never use palm oil, sulfates, phthalates, parabens, or synthetic dyes...only skin-friendly and eco-friendly ingredients. 

Handmade and Cold Processed

Handmade and Cold-Processed

While we use modern carbon capture and sequestration as the cornerstone of our products, our natural soap bars are still authentic in every way. 

Each of CleanO2’s handmade soaps is cold processed and takes six to eight weeks to cure. This process was first documented nearly 5,000 years ago and we use it today. We could speed up the curing process by applying heat to our formulations (this is called hot processing). But that would create additional carbon emissions. Plus, we think good things take patience.

Think Global, Act Local

We go even further to minimize our own carbon footprint and build communities. We partner with community-based suppliers, to help build up sustainable capacity around the globe. 

We also take into account shipping distances when sourcing our ingredients. This helps minimize the carbon emitted by transportation. And for every online order, we plant a mangrove tree with the help of our friends at Ecologi.

See our growing forest ↓↓↓

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