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A Little Bit About Us... 

Hello, we’re CleanO2! I know, I know, you’re probably thinking “another environmentally friendly soap company?” Yes, we do care about the environment… A LOT but that’s not what we’re all about. We’re problem solvers at heart and when our founder, CEO and all-around great guy Jaeson saw a problem with carbon emissions, he decided to put on his inventor hat and do something about it. The idea for CleanO2 came to life over a decade ago when Jaeson Cardiff, a plumber and HVAC mechanic, and his co-founders Kathi Fischer, a chemical technologist and Scott Forgrave, president of Excelair Mechanical Services (Cardiff’s boss at the time), set out to capture CO2 from building heating system exhaust.What does soap have to do with capturing CO2 from buildings you ask? CleanO2’s carbon capture units (called “CarbinX™ ”) use a chemical process to convert CO2 captured from heating system exhaust into a stable carbonate used in soaps and detergents. 

In 2005, Jaeson Cardiff, Kathi Fischer and Scott Forgrave saw an opportunity to reduce Greenhouse Gas emissions in the heating industry. They put their minds together and began formulating an idea. The solution, they reasoned, would have to follow a set of three criteria in order to be successful. First, it needed to create a net benefit to the customer. Second, it would need to be economically self-sufficient and not require government subsidies or tax incentives. Third, the degree of CO2 reduction needed to be meaningful at scale. CarbinX™ was born – the world’s first profitable, micro-scale carbon capture technology.

CleanO2 creates value through a number of paths, including profit sharing with our customers to allow for a short term return on their investment, reduced energy needs for the building through heat recovery, and keeping the mechanical room operating efficiently, all while generating an income stream to our customers through sale of the by-product produced by the carbon capture process.

Don’t worry, were not about to stand on our “soap box” (pun totally intended) and tell you to be more environmentally conscious (even though you totally should) What we are here to do is provide the consumer (that’s you) with some “Really Great Soap” And hey, if you’re helping the environment at the same time… even better!