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All About Men’s Shaving: The Best Shaving Method for Sensitive Skin

Men who shave have likely experienced shaving rash or razor burn at some point in their shaving journey. It can be a real drag. Everyone’s skin is different, so the best shaving method for sensitive skin is one that requires a little extra care. Find out everything you need to know about beard care for sensitive skin.

Do You Struggle With Razor Burn and Shaving Rash?

Razor burn and shaving rash are types of skin irritation that may cause sensitive skin due to less-than-optimum shaving technique. Shaving rash is characterized by small, itchy, and usually red bumps on the skin. Razor burn looks more like reddish blotches or streaks on the skin. Both can be incredibly painful and itchy, not to mention frustrating and even cause for self consciousness. 

If you suffer from razor burn or a shaving rash, you’re not alone. The good news is that as soon as you learn how to shave properly, you can minimize this discomfort by following the perfect shave routine for sensitive skin. But first, you need to understand what causes it.

What Causes Razor Burn and Shaving Rash?

Razor burn and shaving rash are both conditions that cause discomfort at the skin surface, but they are caused by different (yet interrelated) things. Razor burn is something that appears immediately after shaving. Using a dull blade, pushing too hard on the skin with your razor, or shaving without adequate lather can cause razor burn.

Shaving rash, or razor bumps, are the result of ingrown hairs. When the hair is not able to grow out of the skin’s surface, it curls in and becomes trapped beneath the skin, leading to ingrown hair. From the surface, these look like small red bumps, and they can be annoyingly itchy. People with coarser hair are more likely to experience ingrown hairs.

Does Shaving Damage Men’s Face Skin?

If you’ve experienced shaving rash or razor burn, then you’ve probably wondered, ‘does shaving damage the skin?’ When you shave, you’re not just removing the hair, you’re also removing a layer of skin cells with it. This can be a good thing as it keeps your skin looking fresh by removing older skin cells. However, it can also cause inflammation and loss of moisture.  

If you use the proper technique and keep your skin moisturized, you can enjoy a clean shave without worrying about skin damage. Especially once you know the best shaving method for sensitive skin.

Top 5 Tips for How to Shave Smoothly for Sensitive Skin

There are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to a proper shave. Beard care for sensitive skin requires some extra attention. Here are our top five tips for how to shave properly when your skin needs a little extra love, so you can avoid that pesky razor burn and shaving rash.

how to shave for sensitive skin men

Do a Warm-Up and Cool-Down for a Clean Shave

How to shave smoothly starts with what you do to prepare your skin. Take the time to gently wash your face with warm water so that your pores are open and your hair follicles are softened before you start shaving. This makes it easier to shave and lowers the chances of skin irritation. Better yet, shave right after taking a steamy shower so that your skin is moist and your pores are open.

When you’re done, gently splash your face with cold water to reduce blood flow to the surface of the skin and close your pores so that bacteria stay out. Finish with a moisturizer while your skin is still damp to lock in the moisture. 

Go With the Grain for a Smooth Shave

Shaving in the same direction as your hair growth is a good idea for everyone but is especially important for sensitive skin. Shaving against the grain promotes ingrown hair and painful razor burn. Use your shave brush to gently lift your whiskers so that it is easy to shave with the grain.

Take it Slow and Steady

Wondering how to get a clean shave? It’s all in the technique. You could have the best razor, but it won’t help if you’re doing it wrong. Hold the razor lightly near the end of the handle so that you are only pressing very gently with each stroke. 

Use long, even strokes and make sure you don’t shave over the same spot multiple times. Shaving slowly can prevent cuts and be easier on sensitive skin. Rinse your razor after each stroke so you’re starting with a clean blade every time

Hygiene is a Crucial Part of the Perfect Shave Routine

When it comes to shaving, hygiene is as important as technique. Like anything else, razors can harbour bacteria and dirt, which cause irritation and breakouts. To avoid this, either clean your razor with alcohol or rinse with hot water after each shave and store it upright in a dry place.

A dull razor blade is a recipe for razor burn, so make sure to change your razor blades often. The cartridge or blades should be replaced every few shaves to ensure you have a sharp, clean blade for each shave. If you’re worried that you’re using the wrong men’s shaving razor, explore your options. A multi-blade razor may shave too closely to your skin, so you may want to try a double-blade or safety razor instead if you have sensitive skin.

Use a Nourishing Shaving Product

Choosing the right shaving soap bar or cream can be the difference between a silky-smooth shave and a painful razor burn. Selecting a product made with gentle natural ingredients is a good way to protect sensitive skin while shaving. 

You need something that can create a thick enough lather to create a barrier between your skin and the razor as you shave, and something that leaves your skin moisturized. Lucky for you, CleanO2 has just the thing!

CleanO2’s Shave Soap Bar is Made With Captured Carbon and All-Natural Ingredients for the Smoothest Care

You’ve seen that the best shaving method for sensitive skin involves using a gentle, moisturizing product. CleanO2’s Shave Bar is not only environmentally friendly thanks to being crafted with captured carbon, but it’s also packed full of soothing natural ingredients. Plus, it creates a luxurious lather that helps your razor glide smoothly over your skin for a successful shave.

Essential Oils That Make for the Best Beard and Shaving Care

CleanO2's shave soap bars uses moisturizing ingredients that nourish sensitive skin, making it less likely that you’ll be bothered by razor burn or shaving rash. It also has a lovely mix of essential oils with properties that help delight the nose.

The Luminous Lemongrass bar will delight your senses and uplift your mood. This bar features crisp lemongrass mingled with cardamom and clary sage to create an invigorating shave experience. The Boreal Wood bar has complex woody notes of cedarwood, copaiba, pine and vetiver that will transport you to your favorite forest hike while you shave. 

A perfect shave routine isn’t complete without a sensitive skin-friendly shave soap bar like ours, so give it a try today!

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