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Canadian Carbon Capture Companies We Should All Follow

As the creator of the world’s first carbon capture soap, CleanO2 is deeply committed to solving climate change. That means we like to be aware of and celebrate other Canadian carbon capture companies that are also working towards the same goal!

Keep reading to find out about the Canadian carbon capture world, including how carbon capture works, the latest carbon capture technology, and how it can be used to create the best natural body soap bars!

What is Carbon Capture Technology?

Carbon capture technology refers to any technology that captures carbon dioxide emissions that would otherwise escape into the atmosphere and contribute to global warming.

The carbon capture definition includes both carbon capture and storage- carbon capture means the CO2 won’t escape. Instead, the carbon must be sequestered.

How Does Carbon Capture Work?

Carbon capture companies have a variety of techniques for carbon capture and storage. Carbon capture technology can have the biggest impact on industrial processes. This is because a huge amount of CO2 is produced at factories and other large facilities as well as by burning fossil fuels to produce energy.

All About Carbon Capture and Storage

The form of carbon capture and storage we know best is the one we use at CleanO2. Our innovative carbon capture technology, CarbinX, is the first small-scale carbon capture device designed to capture carbon from natural-gas heating appliances in buildings. 

Our carbon capture technology was developed in Calgary and is now used across Canada, the United States, and Japan. It is designed specifically to work with commercial building heating systems, including boilers, furnaces, and water heaters since heating accounts for a big chunk of emissions in Canada. Other Canadian carbon capture companies focus on other sources of carbon emissions…

carbon emissions and carbon capture and storage

Get Inspired by These 5 Carbon Capture Companies

Here are some other Canadian carbon capture companies you should know about- especially if you’re looking into investing in carbon capture stocks in Canada!

Carbon Upcycling

This Calgary based company uses carbon dioxide emissions from any industry, combined with natural materials or industrial wastes—from coal plants, steel plants, glass manufacturing and more—to unlock new materials with improved performance and lower emissions. They are able to make cement, plastics and more with their carbon.

Carbon Engineering 

This promising B.C.-based carbon capture company converts carbon captured from the air into carbon-neutral jet fuel, among other things. They count Bill Gates among their investors, so this is a carbon capture company to watch!

CO2 Solutions Inc.

This carbon capture company is based in Montreal and developed a clean alternative technique for capturing carbon with liquid amine- one that doesn’t produce any toxic waste. This carbon capture technology is being used at a pulp mill. 


This Burnaby, B.C.-based company’s carbon capture technology involves an adsorption material that extracts carbon dioxide from industrial flue gas stacks. They’re currently building a demonstration plant in Saskatchewan with plans to use captured CO2 for oil recovery.

Pond Technology

The method of carbon capture and storage for this Ontario-based company is to use emissions from power plants, refineries, and cement plants and use them to grow algae that sequester the carbon and cleans other impurities from the exhaust. This algae can then be used for other applications, including animal feed and biofuels.

How CleanO2 Turns Captured Carbon into Natural Soap

Once carbon capture companies have done their job, something needs to be done with the captured carbon. That’s where CleanO2’s creative idea to produce natural hand soap bars and body soap bars using captured carbon comes in!

The carbon captured by our CarbinX technology undergoes a zero-waste reaction that converts it into potassium carbonate, or pearl ash. This compound can be used in several products, including our natural soaps. The pearl ash helps give our soaps a wonderful lather and prevents the carbon from ever being released into the atmosphere. 

Choosing a soap made with sequestered carbon is a small but significant way you can support the efforts of this Canadian carbon capture company to improve environmental sustainability!

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