How To Wax A Moustache

How To Wax A Moustache? 4 Easy Steps From an Expert

They might not always achieve it, but most men want a  polished, well-groomed look.

And with the surge of men sporting moustaches, keeping up appearances just got that much more challenging. 

Whether you fancy a sleek chevron or a trendy horseshoe, waxing your moustache can completely transform the way you look.

Let’s take a step-by-step look at how to wax a moustache and cover some tips on what not to do to get a great looking moustache. 

4 Easy Steps on How To Wax A Moustache

Want to know how to wax your moustache? Let’s get into it.


Using your thumb nail, scrape up a small amount of wax.  When it comes to wax, a little can go a long way.

Start with a lump about the size of a small pea.  You can always apply more if you need it. 


Move the wax from the back of your nail to between your pointer finger and thumb.

Gently roll and massage the wax until all clumps are smoothed out and melted. Soft, consistently smooth wax is easy to work into your moustache.   


To properly apply the wax, start at the middle of your moustache. Squeeze the hairs between  your pointer finger and thumb and gently pull outwards in the direction of your natural hair growth.

Continue until you’ve reached the end of your moustache. 


Continue applying the wax until you reach the end and the wax is evenly distributed on your moustache.

Of course, you’ll need to do both sides. After this, style your moustache as you like using a moustache comb to perfectly place those stray hairs. 

Mistakes to Avoid When Waxing A Moustache

When it comes to waxing your moustache, you might be making some mistakes that aren’t allowing you to achieve your desired look. Here’s some common mistakes.

Oiling Your Moustache Before Applying Wax 

Wax is not soluble in water, but it is soluble in oils. By applying oil to your moustache, it can break down the wax as you apply it. 

Not Being Gentle

It is essential to be gentle with your moustache. You might pull out several moustache hairs while just trying to get them into shape. 

Not Giving Yourself Time

All good things take time. Styling your moustache is no different. Allow yourself the luxury of time.

Don’t rush and enjoy the process; you’re more likely to get great results. 

Not Knowing Your Wax 

If it is your first time using a moustache wax, become familiar with it. You have to master how flexible and bendable the wax is and how much you will need to achieve the desired look.

And remember that if one type of wax doesn’t work for you, try a different one.

Not Practising

Does this sound too obvious? Practice is the key to getting better at something. Do you want to get good at waxing your moustache? Practice. 

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Final Thoughts on How To Wax A Moustache

It may take some time to dial in your look. Maybe you’ll find that a minimal-care, no-wax look is what you prefer.

While you’re figuring it out, enjoy the process. And once you get it figured out, make it a personal-care ritual. Self care is important!  

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