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Just Add Wine: The Benefits of Wine Soap in Our Renewable Rose & Sustainable Spice Body Bars

The health benefits of drinking wine have been talked about for years. The benefits of soap made with wine, however, are something you don’t hear about too often! Yes, you read that right—wine soap is a thing, and we’re about to reveal why red wine soap and rosé wine soap just might be the thing you didn’t know you needed.

Our Soap Maker Realized One Wine Soap Recipe Just Isn’t Enough

When tasked with the job of creating a fragrant and effective new wine soap recipe, our resident soap maker did not disappoint. In case you’re not familiar with soap making, the three main ingredients for making soap are water, lye, and oil.

The neat thing is that you can substitute another liquid for the water (like, say, red wine) - and that’s when things get interesting! Why stop at one wine soap recipe when you can have different deliciously scented wine soaps?

It’s a Delicate Process to Find the Right Scent for Wine Soap

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Concocting the perfect scent for wine soap isn’t easy, but we managed to come up with two distinct flavours for the discerning wine lover. Neither is intended to smell like wine, but to evoke occasions when you might drink this sophisticated beverage.   

But let's not diminish the role of wine in these soaps. There's more here than the spirit of wine in each bar. Wine makes our soaps sudsier. The natural sugars in both red and white wines are lather enhancers, adding a little more enjoyment to your bathing experience. 

Our wine soap bars contain an even more unique ingredient; captured carbon—as in the carbon dioxide we call greenhouse gas. Yes, that’s right, our wine soaps are made with captured carbon that is forever sequestered, i.e. never to return to our atmosphere again. Our wine soap recipe includes an infusion of potassium carbonate (aka pearl ash), the direct result of our CarbinX™ machine working to pull carbon from the natural gas heating appliances. In other words, another benefit of our wine soap is ecological sustainability.

White and Red Wine are Both Distinct Flavours, So How to Choose?

Compare the ingredients list of both our wine soaps, Sustainable Spice Body Bar and Renewable Rose Body Bar. You'll find a lot in common. The same botanical (base) oils, the same kaolinite clay, wines and, of course, captured carbon. The main difference? The ingredients that give these soaps their succulent scents. 

At the end of the day, the main reason to choose one flavour over the other comes down to the type of scent you prefer when you lather up.

What are the Benefits of our Red Wine Soap?

Our Sustainable Spice Body Bar is for you if you’re a red wine enthusiast. The complex, rich scent is reminiscent of spiced holiday wine (hence the name). The red wine base is scented with spiced rum and oranges to add a bit of citrus and festive feel to your shower.

What are the Benefits of our White Wine Soap?

rose wine in soap

If you've ever enjoyed a white wine on a warm afternoon in June, chances are you’ll enjoy the floral scent of our Renewable Rose Body Bar. This white wine-based soap is blended with geranium essential oil and scents of exotic fruits for a light, summery vibe.

Our wine soap is the perfect gift for wine lovers, and now you have all the information you need to choose the right one. Try them both and enjoy the benefits of wine soap- for your senses, and for the environment.

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