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Let’s Talk About the Benefits of Charcoal Soap

There’s a trend in the skincare industry to use more activated charcoal in products in the past few years. Let’s look at the fact and fiction of activated charcoal and discuss whether it’s a worthy trend or simply trendy.

What are Some of the Advantages of Charcoal Soap?

Charcoal is made by heating (not burning) plant materials (though it’s most often made from wood). Charcoal that is activated has undergone a process that allows it to bind more easily to other substances.

Activated charcoal is better at absorbing microscopic things, including toxins, bacteria, oil, and more. You might have heard that activated charcoal is sometimes used in hospitals to treat poisoning or drug overdose.

But did you know that activated charcoal has long been a common way to filter water due to its ability to absorb chemicals, microbes, and other impurities from the water? Activated charcoal may also absorb bad smells and gases. That’s why it’s used in some deodorants for the underarms, shoes, and refrigerators.

So, what is charcoal soap good for?

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CleanO2 Understands the Benefits of Using Charcoal Soap

Now that you know about the cleansing properties of activated charcoal, you can probably guess the advantages of using charcoal soap.

Firstly, the deodorizing properties make charcoal soap a great choice for a refreshing shower. You might be wondering, what does charcoal soap do for your face? The answer is that it cleanses oily skin, down to your pores.

One special eco-friendly ingredient we use in our soaps is potassium carbonate, or pearl ash (more about that in a moment). Pearl ash also pulls excess oil and odor from the skin, and activated charcoal makes this process even more efficient.

Given these great benefits of charcoal soap, we created our very own charcoal soap bar. Does activated charcoal soap work? Only one way to find out: try it for yourself!

We’re Proud of our Charcoal Soap Bar, and Here’s Why

Our soap offers the benefits of charcoal soap already mentioned, plus it looks, feels, and smells great. It’s the perfect charcoal soap option for people who don’t like in-your-face fragrances.

Our charcoal soap bar contains rosemary, tea tree, and spearmint essential oils, which blend with the activated charcoal to create a subtle, fresh aroma. But there’s something we’re even more proud of than the delicate scent of our charcoal soap bar.

One of CleanO2’s activated charcoal soap benefits is that it’s environmentally friendly. Our charcoal soap is made using carbon dioxide that we’ve captured from our atmosphere and transformed into pearl ash, i.e. potassium carbonate.

Another one of the advantages of our charcoal soap is that we use activated charcoal made from bamboo rather than wood. Bamboo is more sustainable because it grows very quickly, without needing too much water.

Why We Chose to Use Charcoal as an Active Ingredient in this Body Bar

In addition to the advantages of charcoal soap listed above, there’s another benefit of using charcoal soap—it looks super cool! Now that you know about the potential benefits of using charcoal soap, why not give it a try?

Our sleek, black charcoal soap bar is the best soap for anyone who enjoys a deodorizing soap that has a calming yet not overpowering scent.

Using a sustainable source of charcoal and captured carbon dioxide to produce our charcoal soap is aligned with our commitment to the environment—and is a reason you can feel extra good about using our charcoal body bar.

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