Smell Good, Do Good: Fragrant, Chemical-Free Soap Bars

Smell Good, Do Good: Fragrant, Chemical-Free Soap Bars

One of the best things about showering is enjoying the soap scents that fill the air. But have you ever wondered what most fragrant soaps contain to make a good smelling soap?

Keep reading to find out what the best natural scents are, so you can choose a scented bar soap that’s good for your skin and the environment.

Not All Soap Scents Are Created Equal

Some of the best smelling soaps out there may not contain natural scents. You should always check the ingredients of scented soap to see whether they use essential oils. Some shower soap and scented hand soap get their fragrance from synthetic chemicals.

Synthetic fragrances may contain phthalates, which can have negative impacts on human health. Soap made using artificial fragrances can also be an irritant or cause allergies, so is certainly not the soap for sensitive skin!

It’s Not Just About A Good Smelling Soap; It’s About Using Natural Scented Oils for Skin

Sure, having a fragrant soap is nice, but you also want your everyday soap to be made using natural scents—especially if you’re looking for a soap for sensitive skin!

When it comes to natural scented oils for skin, CleanO2 is proud to use soap scent combinations that produce the best body soap bars for your skin, and the environment. We do this using safe essential oil for skin to produce the most fragrant soap that we can.

Let’s Talk About the Most Popular Soap Scents

It’s not just luxury soap that has soap scents. You don’t need a fancy soap to enjoy a variety of aromas in the shower. What makes our soaps stand out is that they are all-natural, cold pressed, and wonderfully aromatic.

Vanilla, lavender, and honey are some of the most popular soap scents, and CleanO2 offers a version of these using all-natural (and vegan!) sources. Plus, we use unique soap scent combinations. For example, clove and orange oils produce the warming and spicy scent of our popular Sustainable Spice bar soap.

Cold Pressed Soaps Aren’t Just A Fancy Soap, It’s Safe Essential Oil for Skin

We craft cold pressed soaps because that’s how to make scented soap that is aligned with our commitment to reducing carbon emissions. Plus, this technique is the best way to incorporate natural scents from essential oils, since the natural scents won’t burn off while cold process soap is made. Our good smelling soap is also great for your skin since there are no synthetic fragrances or dyes, making it a great gentle soap.

The Best Natural Scents in Any Scented Soap Bar

CleanO2 knows how to make scented soap using the best soap scent oils, including spearmint, geranium, orange, and clove essential oils. Our selection of gentle soap is some of the most fragrant soap you’ll find with natural scented oils for skin.

Our amazing soap scents are not the only way we keep it natural at CleanO2. We also use natural colourants and alternative liquids to create our unique bar soaps, including coffee, wine, and beer.

Our Ethically Derived Essential Oils Make the Most Fragrant Soap Bars

Our soap scents are naturally and ethically derived. We take our commitment to environmental sustainability seriously, and that affects every step of our cold pressed soap production. We only use essential oils that can be sourced ethically.

Unlike many other soap companies, we don’t use palm oil to cure our soaps due to the negative environmental impacts of deforestation that palm oil has. Instead, we use shea butter to harden our soap bars, which also helps moisturize your skin. And of course, all of our best smelling soaps contain sequestered carbon, so that you can enjoy a great natural scent while reducing your carbon footprint.

Now you know about some of CleanO2’s most popular soap scents, and why natural scented oils for skin are better than artificial fragrances. All that’s left to do is give our natural bar soap a try so that you can enjoy the best natural scents!

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