The Benefits of Coffee Soap in Our Coffee Body Bars

The Benefits of Coffee Soap in Our Coffee Body Bars

There’s nothing like a fresh, hot cup of coffee to start your day. But did you know those same coffee grinds have benefits for another part of your morning routine... the shower. Thanks to our beautifully scented soap made with coffee grinds.

Benefits of Coffee Soap on Skin

There’s a reason coffee is so well-loved all over the world. Its popularity is thanks to the aroma, taste, and, of course, the caffeine that gives you a pick-me-up to help you through your day. Coffee plays a pivotal role in our social lives, whether it’s coffee breaks at work or a beverage over which to share a conversation with friends. Coffee benefits for skin however, are less well known. 

Coffee contains several antioxidants, which help prevent cell damage from occurring due to aging and exposure to environmental stressors like UV rays and pollution. These benefits usually work via ingesting antioxidant-rich food and drink, but it certainly can’t hurt to apply a substance rich in antioxidants to the skin by using soap with aromatic coffee in it.

People Are Obsessed with Coffee Ground Soap, and with Good Reason

Washing your face with coffee grounds is a great way to gently exfoliate your skin, especially because coffee is a common household item. Using coffee ground soap is even better because you get the exfoliating benefit of the coffee grounds along with the moisturizing elements of the coffee soap for a more balanced skin cleansing experience.

It’s a great idea to regularly exfoliate with something like coffee ground soap, as it helps you scrub away dead skin cells, cleans pores, and invigorates the skin. Coffee scrub benefits aren’t just limited to your face either. We know what you’re thinking, there are many kinds of coffee beans, so does it matter what type of coffee is in your soap bar?

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We Know Why Coffee is Good for You, But Let’s Talk About Arabica Coffee Scrub Benefits

Arabica is by far the most popular variety of coffee due to its complex flavour. CleanO2’s coffee soap recipe uses Arabica coffee as an alternative liquid. In other words, instead of combining water with oils and lye to make soap, we substitute brewed Arabica coffee for the water to create an aromatic coffee soap bar. 

Arabica coffee scrub benefits include exfoliation of the skin. We also use zero-waste coffee oil in our coffee soap recipe, which is rich in fatty acids. Topical application of lipids like those in coffee oil may be helpful for skin barrier properties, such as by preventing water loss through the skin.

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