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The Best Shampoo for Normal Hair

Most shampoo advertisements target people with problematic hair – but have you ever wondered what the best shampoo is for normal hair? And how do you even know if your hair qualifies as normal? 

Let’s address that last question first. “Normal” hair is  hair that doesn’t present any specific problems. It looks shiny and styles well. But that doesn’t mean it begs to be neglected — normal hair still benefits from the best natural shampoo and conditioner!

Find out what the best natural shampoo for normal hair is, why natural hair products are better than regular shampoo and how to use a shampoo bar.

There are Lots of Shampoos and Hair Care Options for Curly, Frizzy, or Oily Hair – But What About Non-Troubled Hair?

Some shampoos promise extra moisture and hydration for curly hair, smoothing for frizzy hair and cleansing without greasiness for oily hair. But perhaps you have normal hair that doesn’t really present any of these problems and you find yourself wondering, ‘what shampoo should I use?’ Heck, in a pinch, who hasn’t tried normal soap to wash their hair, thinking it can’t be that different from shampoo, can it? 

One way to go about answering these questions is to focus on finding a well-balanced natural shampoo that doesn’t contain any harmful ingredients that will harm your hair.

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Shampoos Available in the Market for Normal Hair Contain Not-So-Normal Ingredients

shampoo for normal hair ingredients

With growing awareness about climate change and public health issues, more and more people are opting for natural hair care options. After all, we want the products we use on our bodies to be healthy for us and the environment.

Unfortunately, most of the shampoos available for normal hair contain chemicals that are not ideal. One of these is sulfates, which help shampoo to achieve a frothy lather. However, sulfates also strip moisture away from the scalp and hair, which can make normal hair frizzy and irritate the scalp. Check your shampoo bottle and there’s a good chance you’ll see sulfates—usually sodium laureth sulfate or sodium dodecyl sulfate—as one of the top ingredients.

By the way, the harsh, aggressive cleansing isn’t restricted to sulfate ingredients. Regular hand soaps don’t contain any hair conditioners and fall into this category as well.     

Other potentially harmful chemicals that are present in many commercial shampoos include parabens, phthalates and artificial colourants. All of these have been linked with skin irritation, allergies, or other harmful biological effects such as hormone disruption. Luckily, CleanO2 has a new all-natural hair care line of shampoo bars and conditioner bars that offer a safer, cleaner option for conscientious consumers.

CleanO2 is Excited to Add to its Hair Care Line a Shampoo That Takes Care of Your Hair

We’re excited to introduce the best natural shampoo in Canada for normal hair – the Equilibrium Shampoo Bar. This sulfate-free shampoo bar is designed to maintain balance and keep your hair nourished, soft and manageable.

Why Use Our Natural Shampoo Bar Instead of Regular Shampoo?

There are many great reasons why a shampoo bar wins the liquid shampoo vs. shampoo bar debate every time! As a company that includes captured carbon as an ingredient in all our natural hair products, the environmental reason is the one closest to our hearts!

Shampoo bars are environmentally friendlier than regular shampoo because they eliminate the need for plastic bottles or packaging. Plus, they last longer, saving you money in the long run. Our shampoo bars go a step further by using carbon captured from the atmosphere as an ingredient that is not only good for your hair-washing experience but also for the atmosphere!

When it comes to why you should use our particular natural shampoo bar and conditioner bar, the answer lies in the rest of the amazing ingredients…

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All-Natural Ingredients in Our Natural Shampoo Bar for Normal Hair

We use 100% natural, nourishing ingredients to craft our natural hair products. The Equilibrium Shampoo Bar provides plenty of hydration to your locks thanks to the amino acids of quinoa extract, which help keep your hair shiny and full of body and texture.

Panthenol in this shampoo bar offers anti-static, volumizing and moisturizing properties. Meanwhile, the time-release emollients in the sweet almond oleosomes add extra moisture and body to your hair. It not only leaves your hair feeling smooth but is also a pleasure to use, thanks to its refreshing spearmint scent.

How to Use a Natural Shampoo Bar 

Whether you’ve got normal hair or problematic hair, the way you use a natural shampoo bar is the same (though the type of shampoo bar or conditioner bar may vary)! The steps are simple:

  • Thoroughly wet your hair and the shampoo bar
  • Gently glide the shampoo bar over your wet hair, three or four times
  • Use your fingers to massage your hair and create a lather
  • If needed, add more shampoo and lather 
  • Leave the shampoo in for a full minute before rinsing
  • Store your shampoo bar in a dry place where it can drain to maximize its life

And there you have it – how to use the best shampoo for normal hair and the environment!

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