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The Natural & Unscented Soap Solution for Tattoo Aftercare

If you’re planning on getting some new ink, you’ll want to use a good, mild soap to keep the area clean and infection-free. Here are a few tips and pointers on how to wash a tattoo using unscented soap. Remember: it’s not the scent itself that is harmful, it’s the synthetic ingredients that other soap makers use that are bad for cleaning tattoos. At CleanO2, we recommend the Eco Aloe bar soap for your natural and unscented soap solution for tattoo aftercare.

Why Do You Need Unscented Soap for Tattoos?

As cool as the finished product looks, the process of getting a tattoo is disruptive to the skin. When the skin is broken, there is potential for bacteria to get in and cause infection – that’s why using antibacterial bar soap is so important. Soaps that contain fragrances may contain alcohol or chemicals that could:

  • Irritate your skin
  • Cause your skin to be dry
  • Interfere with your tattoo by making it fade faster
  • Prolong the healing process

That’s why we created a fragrance-free soap for sensitive skin, the Eco Aloe bar soap. It’s the best soap for tattoos because it gently cleanses and moisturizes the skin without disturbing the healing process.


How to care for your tattoo with unscented soap

CleanO2 Knows How to Clean a Tattoo

At CleanO2, we craft a range of natural bar soaps so that everyone can find the best soap for their needs. When it comes to how to clean a tattoo, unscented antibacterial soap is the way to go. Here are a few more questions and answers that will help you with your tattoo aftercare.

Can You Shower After A Tattoo? Yes!

Not only can you shower after a tattoo, but you absolutely should! We don’t recommend jumping directly into the shower when you get home from the tattoo parlour. Do follow the advice of your tattoo artist about when it’s okay to remove the bandage. You should know how to wash a tattoo so you’re ready to take care of it.

When you’re showering for the first time after being freshly inked, be careful not to soak the tattooed area. Yes, that also means no baths or swimming for a couple of weeks while the tattoo is healing.

Make sure the water pressure is not too high and that the temperature is not too hot. Remember, your skin is healing so you need to protect it! Be sure not to scrub the tattoo and don’t use any cloth or sponge that could have bacteria in it. Our recommendation is to apply unscented soap with your hands.

Speaking of bacteria, it’s important to choose an unscented antibacterial soap for tattoos so that you minimize your risk of infection as your tattoo heals.

What Are the Benefits of a Montmorillonite Clay Infused Antibacterial Soap Bar?

Now that you know how to clean a tattoo, it’s time to choose the best unscented antibacterial soap to do so. If you ask us about what soap to use on a tattoo, a mild soap infused with montmorillonite is a great choice.

Montmorillonite is a mineral-rich clay that has natural antibacterial properties. While your skin is healing, you need to ensure you keep the tattoo as clean as possible so that no bacteria sneaks in to cause an infection. Wondering where to find a clay-infused antibacterial soap for tattoos?

Our Eco Aloe Bar is the Best Soap for Post-Tattoo Skin

At CleanO2, our gentle Eco Aloe Body Bar contains montmorillonite clay and is the best soap for tattoos for exactly this reason. This fragrance-free soap for sensitive skin combines soothing natural ingredients like aloe, shea butter, and coconut milk that will leave your freshly tattooed skin feeling nourished and moisturized.

Best soap for after tattoo care


If you’ve tried our Eco Aloe Body Bar as a solution for your tattoo aftercare, feel free to let us know how it worked out! Reach out on Facebook, Instagram, or any other social platform we’re on.

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