Gentle Soap to Remove Chlorine from Skin

The Only Chlorine-Neutralizing Soap Swimmers Need to Get Rid of the Smell

As fun as swimming is, chlorine can take a toll on your skin, hair, and swimsuits. That’s why choosing the right chlorine-neutralizing soap can make all the difference. CleanO2 has the best natural soap bar for swimmers to help you get the chlorine smell out of a swimsuit and rejuvenate your skin at the same time.

Swimmers, Always on the Hunt for Natural Chlorine Removal

Being exposed to chlorine is all part and parcel of swimming in pools since it’s needed to keep you safe from harmful bacteria-but that doesn’t mean you have to live with the smell! Before you go out and buy a commercial chlorine remover, try these natural chlorine removal strategies to get the chlorine smell out of a swimsuit.

3 DIY Ways to get the Chlorine Smell out of a Swimsuit

  1. Spearmint or activated charcoal soap is the best soap after swimming

The best chlorine-neutralizing soap is a mild soap that is gentle on the skin but tough on chlorine. We recommend using a natural soap to remove chlorine from the skin. Natural ingredients like spearmint essential oil and activated charcoal are a good option for natural chlorine removal. Spearmint has a vibrant fragrance that can mask chlorine, while activated charcoal is a natural deodorizer that can pull the chlorine smell out. Simply lather up a soap, such as CleanO2’s Activated Charcoal Body Bar, and put it in the sink with some warm water and your swimsuit.

  1. Vitamin C solution

Vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid, naturally neutralizes chlorine. You can buy Vitamin C crystals and simply dissolve one teaspoon in 500 mL of water in a spray bottle, then spritz this solution on the affected area to get the chlorine smell out of your swimsuit and skin. You can also mix vitamin C crystals into your body wash or shampoo.

  1. Add some vinegar when washing your swimsuit

Vinegar is an effective way to get rid of many odours- as long as you don’t mind the smell of vinegar! You can soak your swimsuit in a mixture of vinegar and water overnight before rinsing it out to get rid of the chlorine smell.

chlorine neutralizing natural soap

Swimmers Need Gentle Soap to Remove Chlorine from Skin

Chlorine doesn’t just leave behind an unpleasant smell; it also strips the oils from your hair and skin. To prevent your skin from being dried out by chlorine after your swim, the best soap after swimming is one that gets rid of the chlorine smell while also moisturizing the skin.

We Had That in Mind When We Created the Best Soap for Swimmers

CleanO2 has soap for everyone’s needs, and that includes the best body soap for swimmers! Activated Charcoal followed by the ultra-moisturizing Shea & Aloe Body Bar is the perfect combination for a post-swim shower.

This is the best natural soap bar for swimmers thanks to the combination of ingredients that both cleanse and nourish the skin. It’s an effective soap to remove chlorine from the skin and to get the chlorine smell out of a swimsuit.

The Ingredients that make CleanO2’s Activated Charcoal the Best Body Soap for Swimmers

Our Activated Charcoal body bar is a great swimmer’s soap thanks to its natural deodorizing properties. This fresh-smelling natural soap bar contains antiseptic tea tree oil, rosemary oil, and spearmint oil. The menthol in the spearmint oil gives a pleasant scent that overrides the smell of chlorine. It is also a gentle soap for sensitive skin due to the combination of nourishing oils, including coconut and avocado. 

However, the reason it’s the best soap for swimmers is the activated charcoal that provides natural chlorine removal from your clothing and skin. The antibacterial activated charcoal powder is derived from bamboo, which is the most sustainable source of charcoal. It deep cleans by binding to toxins through the process of adsorption and gently exfoliates the skin to remove dead skin cells. 

Now that you know the best chlorine-neutralizing soap out there, you can enjoy your next swim knowing that the chlorine smell won’t be bothering you after your shower! 

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