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What Does 2022 Smell Like? The Soap Scents You Need to Try Today

Changing up your soap scents is a fun way to keep your daily routine fresh. Find out what the trending 2022 soap scents are, including our favourite natural bar soaps and the best vacation summer scents.

The Emerging Trends of Natural Scents in 2022

Over the course of the pandemic, there was a resurgence of interest in activities that involve spending time in nature, and this renewed interest in nature is reflected in a demand for natural scents when it comes to beauty products. From interesting combinations of tropical fruits to natural scents with salty notes, people want to find the best soap to bring them close to nature. 

Let’s First Talk About Natural Skin Scents

On the theme of going back to nature, another recent trend emerging is skinimalism, which plays on the concept of minimalism when it comes to skincare products. The idea is to say goodbye to complicated beauty routines in favour of a simplified approach to caring for your skin. It’s a “less is more” concept focusing on using fewer products with more impact.

A part of that is choosing natural soap that is either fragrance-free or has skin scents.

What Is Natural Skin Scent Exactly?

Soap scents come in many varieties, but what is skin scent, exactly? Natural skin scent refers to that difficult-to-describe scent combination of organic body chemistry and the various products we use.

Skin scents are understated fragrances that are meant to accentuate your natural scent. Because they are very subtle, they are gender-neutral and include natural scents like musk, wood, and slightly salty aromas such as seaweed. 

How Skin Scents are Becoming a Statement

Natural skin scents smell exactly like they sound and allow you to make a statement by smelling more like yourself than anything else. Focusing on the scents that make us who we are could be a reaction to missing out on the human connection and intimacy during the social isolation brought on by the pandemic. But skin scents aren’t the only 2022 soap scent trend…

People are Longing for a Connection with Nature

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With people seeking the best natural soap scents for the shower, feeling a connection with nature is a top priority. CleanO2’s homage to nature for Earth Day 2022 was our limited-time Majestic Earth Body Bar created using a brine that represents the “ocean” and chlorophyll pigment to create the gorgeous green colour that represents the “land”. 

For less colourful but equally natural soap scents, try our Activated Charcoal Body bar, natural bar soap with a sleek black appearance and subtle but invigorating scent from rosemary, tea tree, and spearmint oils.

The Most Unique Natural Scents to Keep an Eye On

Natural soap scents that are trending in 2022 include those that evoke feelings of being in a forest, as well as those that remind us of being on vacation. 

The smell of trees is one way to feel connected to nature, which is exactly what you get in CleanO2’s Montane Meadow Body Bar. Made with a beer base, this natural bar soap also has woody and floral scents thanks to natural pine and lavender oils.

Summer is fast approaching, and with it, daydreams about vacation. To get the feeling started early, why not opt for soap scents that transport your imagination to a place with a warm breeze, tropical fruits, and cocktails on the beach? 

The best vacation summer scent CleanO2 has to offer is our Renewable Rose natural soap. Made with white wine and scented with exotic fruit and floral essential oils, this natural soap bar will make every shower feel like a short vacation. After all, what says holiday better than a glass of wine and some tropical fruit?

How Unscented Soap Bars are Making their Way Back to People’s Routines

Soap scents aren’t for everyone, and that’s why unscented soap is making a comeback too. The best soap for sensitive skin is gentle, moisturizing, and fragrance-free. The moisturizing properties of a mild soap like CleanO2’s Eco Aloe unscented bar make it a perfect soap for sensitive skin. It’s packed with wholesome skin-nourishing ingredients like shea butter, aloe, and coconut milk. 

Whether you prefer to try some of these trending soap scents or stick with fragrance-free natural soap bars, CleanO2 has got something for you!

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