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What’s the Big Deal With Beer Soap?

Beer is one of the most-loved beverages around the world, and lately, beer soap has also been increasing in popularity. So, what’s all the fuss about beer soap? Keep reading to learn the benefits of beer soap on skin and where to get the best beer soap for the beer-lover in your life.

So, What Is Beer Soap Made Out of Exactly?

There are different beer soap recipes out there, but what beer bar soap and liquid beer soap have in common is that beer is used in place of water during the soapmaking process. However, it’s not as simple as adding your favourite beer to oil and lye. 

The beer needs to be prepared in a certain way first to get rid of the carbonation. Due to this process, beer soap doesn’t necessarily end up as a beer-scented soap. However, it tends to be one of the best smelling soaps because it will absorb some of the fruity or spicy notes of the hops in the beer.

The 4 Benefits of Beer Soap on the Skin

Unlike many soap ‘flavours’, beer is not a scent most people would seek out in soap. With this new trend, it’s more about the beer soap benefits than the smell. Here are the top four benefits of beer soap on the skin.

beer soap benefits in soap making

1. Beer Hops Make it Anti-Inflammatory

    As any beer aficionado knows, beer is brewed from hops, a wonderful plant that gives beer its characteristic bitterness and aroma. What beer-lovers may not know is that hops were used for medicinal purposes long before they were ever used to make beer.

    Hops contain bitter acids, known as alpha-acids, beta-acids, and iso-alpha-acids which have been shown in studies to reduce inflammation. That’s why hops have long been used as a remedy for ear infections. Thanks to these anti-inflammatory properties of hops, beer soap may help soothe inflamed, itchy skin.

    2. Beer Soap Gives a Super Creamy Lather

      Who doesn’t love a creamy lather in the shower? Adding beer to the soapmaking process instead of water makes for a rich lather that enhances your bathing experience and leaves you feeling cleaner. The carbonate and sugar in the beer are what create this frothier lather, which makes beer shaving soap a great idea for a closer shave.

      3. Soothing, Calming Quality   

        Beer soap is a great soap for sensitive skin due to the moisturizing quality of antioxidants and vitamins in the rich lather. Amino acids from the hops in the beer can help soothe irritation and help maintain the pH balance of the skin, while polyphenols can help with redness.

        4. Beer Soap Contains Antioxidants and Yeast That Are Great for Your Skin

          The bitter compounds in hops are not just good for inflammation. They are also naturally good at stopping bacterial growth. Yeast in beer has also been found to produce antimicrobial substances that could stop the growth of harmful bacteria. Limiting bacterial growth on the skin can reduce acne and breakouts.

          Our Soap Maker, Michelle, Shares Similar Natural Bar Soaps to Try Too

          If you’re looking for other natural bar soaps that are great for your skin, you need to try the creations of our soap maker, Michelle. CleanO2’s natural bar soap options include our Eco  Aloe Body Bar, which is super moisturizing, and our Activated Charcoal Body Bar, which is another great soap for your skin.

          CleanO2’s Collection Features the Best Beer Bar Soap to Try

          CleanO2’s environmentally friendly cold-pressed soaps come in a wide variety, including scented soap, mild soap for sensitive skin, and the best beer soap. If you’re looking for the best beer soap for men (or anyone else who is a fan of beer!), CleanO2 has a natural bar soap that contains beer and all the benefits of beer soap on skin that come with it.

          How CleanO2’s Montane Meadow Body Beer Bar is Different Than Other Beer Bars

          CleanO2’s Montane Meadow Body Bar is a popular beer bar soap with woody and floral notes that is made with natural ingredients that include geranium oil, pine oil, and lavender oil. It also contains a unique ingredient that you won’t find in other beer soap recipes. 

          This special beer soap is infused with potassium carbonate that comes from captured carbon emissions. This is the best beer soap because it has the creamy lather and beer soap benefits with the added plus of being great for the environment by preventing this carbon from ever being released into the atmosphere. 

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