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What Makes the Best Soap for Babies and Kids?

Now that the summer is in full swing and the kids are spending much more time outside, they’re also getting nice and dirty! Are you wondering what the best soap for babies is? Find out how to make bath time for kids fun and effective with CleanO2’s mild, fragrance-free soap.

The Joys of Bath Time for Kids

Most kids love bath time since it’s a chance to splash around and have some fun with toys and water. And it’s not just the water that creates the fun of bath time for kids…it’s the opportunity to enjoy the curious and wonderful texture of bubbles! 

Don’t Forget the Bubbly Bath for Kids!

When choosing the best soap for babies, don’t forget that a nice bubbly bath for kids is a great way to make bath time an experience to look forward to. Being in the tub is the perfect place to enjoy foamy fun and experiment with slippery sensations and popping bubbles! After all, a bubbly bath for kids is not just about getting clean, it’s a chance to play and make memories.

What Makes a Natural Soap Bar the Best Soap for Babies?

A natural bar soap that is fragrance-free makes the best soap for babies because you want to ensure that you’re not exposing your child to potentially allergens and  harmful chemicals. Many commercial soaps contain additives such as  synthetic dyes and scents that you don’t want to include in bath time for kids.

What About Baby Soap for Sensitive Skin?

It’s important to remember that all babies have sensitive skin. In fact, newborn babies should be bathed only with plain water. Only after your baby is four to six weeks old should you begin using a small amount of unscented soap during bath time. 

When it is time to add a mild soap to your routine, the best soap for babies with sensitive skin is one without harsh chemicals. Choose a fragrance-free soap with moisturizing ingredients such as coconut oil or shea butter.

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Making a Soap for Kids: Safe, Unscented, and Fun!

fragrance free soap for babies and kids

Now that you know about the best soap for babies, let’s talk about how to create a safe, bubbly bath for kids. When it comes to how to make soap for kids, CleanO2 has the best natural bar soap options.

That’s because CleanO2 is committed to crafting natural bar soap from ingredients that are good for you and the environment. We don’t use any of the following chemicals that are commonly found in commercial soaps.

No Parabens

These preservative chemicals are a common ingredient in cosmetics, including soaps, shampoos, and face creams. CleanO2 does not use any parabens in our natural soap because some studies have shown that they can pass through the skin into the body and may cause hormone disruption. 

No Phthalates

Phthalates are another chemical used in a wide range of products, including to help make plastics more durable. CleanO2 does not use phthalates in soap because like parabens, these chemicals have been associated with harmful biological effects. That’s why we use only phthalate-free fragrances and essential oils  in our mild soaps- making them the best soap for kids.

No Sulphates

Many soaps and shampoos contain sulphates which are strong cleansers and  create a rich lathering effect. The downside of these chemicals is that they can irritate the skin, causing itchiness, dryness, and inflammation. CleanO2 uses natural ingredients that help our soaps create rich, foamy lathers, such as pearl ash made from captured carbon as well as beer. That means you can enjoy the foam without the harmful side effects!

No Formaldehyde

This chemical can be found in some  preservatives in cosmetic products.CleanO2 doesn’t use  preservatives that contain formaldehyde because it is known to cause allergic skin reactions and rashes in some people, among other conditions. 

No Synthetic Colours 

Synthetic colours are created in labs and product beautiful rich colors with consistent results; however, research indicates  that they can cause skin irritation and allergies, and some colorants, such as micas, are connected to child labour and negative environmental effects.  CleanO2 only uses natural colourants such as charcoal, chlorophyll, clay, and coffee in our all-natural soaps. 

The Best Soap for Babies are These Mild Soaps from CleanO2

Looking for great options to create a homemade bubbly bath for kids? Try our all-natural Eco Aloe body bar, an unscented soap that contains moisturizing shea butter and coconut milk. The special ingredient is captured carbon, which creates a rich, foamy lather perfect for bath time. Simply run a warm bath, then dip this soap bar in and use your hands to rub the soap and work up a rich, bubbly lather.

Or, if you prefer a gentle liquid body soap to add to the bath, try our Shinrin Yoku body wash. This wonderful soap has a mild apple scent and a thick lather that will make bath time more fun.

By the way, consider checking out our charcoal bar soap product if you like bar soaps.


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