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Better Than Biodegradable: Choose a CleanO2 Soap for Camping

If you love nature, camping is probably one of your favourite ways to enjoy the outdoors. But these days, we have a responsibility to leave our chemical-based items at home. If you’re looking for biodegradable soap for camping, we’ve got the perfect environmentally friendly soap for you, so that you can enjoy being in the great outdoors without harming the environment.

The Best Biodegradable Soap for Camping

Going camping involves getting dirty- which is all part of the fun, right? That’s why everyone needs a great, lake safe and even reef safe soap for camping so that you can easily clean up during your trip.

The best biodegradable soap for camping is any one of CleanO2’s eco-friendly soaps! That’s right, all CleanO2 soaps are safe for the environment. The same ingredients that make them safe for your skin are what make them 100% appropriate for a camping trip. Whether you choose the Enviro Mint, the unscented Eco Aloe Body Bar, or any of our other great varieties of eco soap, you can rest easy knowing you’ve chosen the best soap for the environment.

Camp Soap, Eco Soap; What’s the Difference?

Camp soap and eco soap are both types of natural soap. In other words, they are both soaps that are made exclusively from natural plant or oil-based ingredients which are biodegradable. Camp soap is a biodegradable soap for camping, while eco soap is an environmentally friendly soap in general.

But exactly what is biodegradable soap?

Biodegradable soap for camping

What is Biodegradable Soap?

Let’s back up for a minute and go over what exactly biodegradable hand soap is, and why it’s the best soap for camping.

Biodegradable soap is a non-toxic, nature safe soap that will be decomposed by microorganisms such as bacteria or fungi over time. This is the best soap for the environment because it won’t leave harmful chemicals lingering in the environment.

There is a caveat, though. We shouldn't bath or wash directly in aquatic or marine ecosystems, even with biodegradable soaps. Use these products away from the water and over the soil, where abundant microorganisms will breakdown the ingredients before they enter the water.  

Choosing biodegradable bar soap brands and biodegradable body bars help you stick to the “Leave No Trace” principles that anyone spending time in nature should follow.

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What makes CleanO2 the Best Soap for the Environment?

Sure, there are a few brands of eco-friendly soap available, but none of them are quite like CleanO2’s environmentally friendly soap. What makes our natural soap unique is the process we use to make it.

All our natural soaps have a unique ingredient that makes them especially eco-friendly. Our soap contains pearl ash created from carbon captured from the air and this carbon will never be released into the atmosphere again.

That means when you choose CleanO2 soap as your camp soap or backpacking soap, you protect the environment and reduce your carbon footprint at the same time. Cool, eh?

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The Best Backpacking Soap for Those Who Care About Oceans, Reefs and Lakes 

The soaps and detergents we use outdoors flow through the soil, into groundwater and eventually into our lakes and oceans. That means soaps that contain harmful chemicals can damage plant and animal life on land and in water, including the fragile coral reefs. 

CleanO2 is the best natural soap for camping and the best soap for the environment in general, because it doesn’t contain any harmful ingredients and will biodegrade in the soil before it enters the water. 

eco soap for camping

From Every Angle, CleanO2 is An Eco Soap

Whether it’s a camp soap or a backpacking soap you’re looking for, CleanO2 is the best soap for the environment. We are probably the only biodegradable bar soap brand that allows you to reduce your carbon footprint!

Now you know the best soap for camping, so get out there and enjoy your next trip into nature! Explore our many bar soaps as well as our liquid soaps, for all your eco-friendly cleaning needs.
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