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How to Remove Oil and Grease Stains from Your Skin

If you’re someone who likes to get your hands dirty, whether in the garden or the garage, you need an excellent hand soap. You’ll be happy to know about this natural soap that works as an awesome grease remover while also leaving your hands moisturized.

Not Just a Hand Soap, This Body Bar Keeps You Moisturized and Grease Free

Restoration Scrub is not your average supermarket hand soap. It’s a moisturizing soap bar you can use to clean all  your body. It’s an effective way to cleanse gunk from your skin, including stubborn bike grease—yes, even that pesky grease that gets under your fingernails! There are a few ingredients that make this utility bar so effective.

Natural soap bar to remove grease

This natural moisturizing soap is made with coconut oil, a powerful natural dirt remover with antibacterial properties. It also contains activated charcoal and bentonite clay, which bind to and pull impurities from the skin. Our potassium carbonate is another component of the soap particularly good at pulling oil from the areas you need to clean.

Our addition of pumice gives this natural soap a powerful exfoliating ability. It’s the perfect soap to tackle rough, calloused feet and dry, flaky elbows. This natural moisturizing soap will help you smooth out rough areas without drying them out. Just be careful not to scrub too hard!

This Soap is a Full-on Utility Bar, Great for Bike Grease as Well as Soft Skin

Since it’s a great grease remover, the Restoration Scrub soap bar doubles as a utility bar that you can use to clean pretty much anything. Bentonite clay benefits include the ability to bind to oil and grease, which is why this utility bar is the perfect companion for your next camping trip or cycling tune-up. 

Though this utility bar is tough on grease, it’s easy on your skin. The powerful cleaning properties of the soap are balanced by the amount of super fat we create during the soap-making process. We ensure that the soap has enough free oil to make it a moisturizing soap bar.

The Restoration Scrub Soap Is Also Great for Painters

Gardeners, mechanics, and cyclists aren’t the only ones who can benefit from this impressive grease remover. Artists and painters also love this natural soap. The soap ingredients are perfect for giving artist brushes a gentle yet thorough cleaning and will also clean all the paint right out of your sink.

Now that you’ve seen how well this natural soap works as a cleanser and grease remover, let’s see what other features of the soap make it the best moisturizing soap bar out there.

A Combination of Essential Oils That’s Sure to Care for Your Skin

Coconut oil, one of the most well-known healthy fats, is the ideal oil for a natural moisturizing soap. The addition of fragrant essential oils like lavender and orange takes this utility bar up another notch by giving it a delightfully fresh, floral scent.

moisturizing soap bar for hands

Based on all these great cleansing ingredients, the Restoration Scrub soap bar might just be the best natural soap out there for gardeners, artists, and mechanics. Why use a synthetic cleaner that leaves your hands dry when you have a great natural soap option that leaves your skin soft and moisturized?

Plus, there’s another great feature of this natural soap. These moisturizing soap bars have been infused with potassium carbonate created through the capture of carbon emissions from the commercial heating industry.

That’s right, our Restoration Scrub soap not only cleans your skin and your stuff…it also contributes to cleaning the environment by being a vessel for sequestered carbon. We hope you’ll give it a try and let us know just how much you enjoy it.

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