Smell Like a Japanese Forest with CleanO2’s Shinrin Yoku Body Wash

Smell Like a Japanese Forest with CleanO2’s Shinrin Yoku Body Wash

Few things are as refreshing for the senses and the soul as a summer walk through the woods- until now! Find out why a forest soap can be the best summer vacation scent to add to your shower routine.

Why Would You Want to Smell Like a Forest?

Japanese forest bathing, or shinrin-yoku, is the practice of spending intentional time in nature. It’s more than just being physically surrounded by nature, it’s about making contact with it and being psychologically present in the moment and savoring your environment.

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This concept has been promoted since the 1980s in Japan, but many cultures recognize the importance of nature for our well-being. Scientific evidence supports that being immersed in nature is good for both our emotional and physical health. Contact with nature helps reduce stress, improves mood, reduces blood pressure, and more.

So, when you can’t be in a forest, grab a bottle of Shinrin Yoku body wash and you’ll be instantly transported to your favorite hiking or camping spot. 

How Natural Soap Scents Give Us a Feeling of Happiness and Connection to Earth

Natural soap scents like those reminiscent of forests, fruit, and flowers help satisfy our primal need to connect with nature. If you live in an urban area where you can’t step outside and immediately be amongst the trees, it’s helpful to have something that reminds you of that feeling. 

Mother Nature is Calling with Forest Soap

Just like having plants in your home lifts your spirits, scents transport your mind to a summer day spent among trees and flowers. A forest soap can be a dose of relaxation in an otherwise busy day spent mostly indoors. 

Lathering up in the shower with a soap that gives you a wonderful burst of scents that remind you of the great outdoors is a good way to trigger the feeling of freshness and relaxation that you get when you spend time in nature.

Best Forest Soaps to Try

If you’re on the hunt for a good forest soap, our Montane Meadow body bar is a great place to start. It contains some of the best natural scents to provide woody and floral notes, including pine oil and geranium oil. If you want to enjoy the smell of the forest while you bathe, the best forest soap to try is CleanO2’s Shinrin Yoku Body Wash!

Let’s Talk About the Shinrin Yoku Body Wash- aka the Forest Body Wash

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The next best thing to walking through a real forest is showering with this refreshing forest soap. This mild soap has a lovely, clean scent that evokes a walk in the woods. Despite it being a bright, pretty scent, it is a great unisex body wash to use first thing in the morning for a fresh start to your day.

What Makes CleanO2’s Shinrin Yoku Body Wash so Special?

Not only does this forest soap smell green, but it is also green when it comes to the environment! That’s because our forest soap is made with sequestered carbon that would have otherwise been released into the atmosphere. Forests play a huge role in capturing carbon dioxide, so it’s fitting to smell like one using a soap that is made with captured carbon. A soap that is good for the environment and reminds you of the forest is a win-win!

Fruity Scents that Make You Feel Like You’re on Vacation

The mild green apple and pear scent of our forest soap is one of the best summer vacation scents out there! The light fruity notes create a summery vibe that will have you feeling relaxed and carefree even if you can’t physically travel somewhere. 

This body wash not only smells great, but also foams well so you get a decadent lather. Try this soap to channel the relaxation of shinrin-yoku through the wonderful scent of the forest.

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