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We’ve Got the Best Soap for Cleaning Paint Brushes

Working with paint can be a messy job, whether you’re painting houses or creating art. CleanO2 has a soap that is great for tough hand washing jobs. 

In this case, the best soap for cleaning paint brushes is also the best natural soap bar to keep your hands moisturized. Keep reading to find out how to clean paint brushes and painting hands the CleanO2 way!

We Love Painting and the Mess that Comes with It

Whether you use paint to earn a living or as a hobby, being comfortable with the mess that comes with it is all part of the fun. As anyone who works with paint knows, it’s more important to focus on what you’re creating than worrying about the paint splatters landing on your skin and clothing. 

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Once your masterpiece is done, however, your attention might go back to the mess you’ve made. Let’s face it, skin and paint brush cleaning can be a bit of a chore. Unless you know the best soap for cleaning paint brushes…

Tough Paint Stains and How to Get Rid of Them

Sometimes you might have a tough paint stain on your skin or a brush - especially when the paint has been drying for a while. Not to worry, though- paint stains are no match for the right natural soap!

Stains and Grease on Hands

When you work with paint, getting paint on your hands (and other parts of your body) is inevitable. For cleaning paint or grease off your hands, you want to choose a natural soap for grease that is powerful enough to remove the stains but gentle enough to clean expensive brushes. 

Stains on Brushes

Even if you manage to keep your hands clean while painting, there is no avoiding paint brush cleaning. To make sure your paint brushes have a long life, you need an effective yet gentle way to clean your paint brushes.

soap for paint brush cleaning

How to Properly Clean Paint Brushes

Our first tip for how to clean paint brushes is to be ready with the best soap for cleaning paint brushes! A bit later, we’ll see what ingredients make CleanO2’s soap the best natural soap for removing model paints, and the best soap for cleaning oil paint.

  1. Get yourself a natural soap that works as a paint brush cleaner, like Restoration Scrub.
  2. Clean your paint brushes as soon as you can after use and get as much of the paint off them as you can before washing.
  3. Put some warm water in a container and use the brush to work the soap into a nice lather.
  4. Gently work the soap through the bristles and rinse the brush well.
  5. After washing, spin the paint brush gently to get rid of the water and make sure the bristles are in their original shape before laying it flat or hanging to dry.

Paint brush cleaning is no easy task, and if you want your brushes to last a long time, you want to ensure you use a mild soap that is gentle on the bristles yet tough on grease.

The Best Natural Soap Bar to Remove Paint Stains

If you’ve got stubborn paint stains to get rid of, we’ve got the best natural soap bar for removing the paint. CleanO2’s Restoration Scrub Hand Soap Bar will do the trick.

This natural soap bar is not only the best soap for cleaning paint brushes, it contains an ingredient that also helps to clean the environment. This paint brush soap contains carbon captured from the commercial heating industry. 

Mild Soap for Grease

Exactly what ingredients make Restoration Scrub the best soap for cleaning paint brushes and grease, yet also a good soap for sensitive skin? The magic lies in the ingredients and extra moisturizing oils due to CleanO2’s soap-making process. This soap cleans while releasing skin-loving coconut oil that moisturizes as you lather.

The activated charcoal, bentonite clay, and potassium carbonate in this natural soap are all good at binding to oil and grease and pulling them from your skin. Now you know how to clean paint brushes effectively while also keeping your skin soft and hydrated!

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