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This is the Best Natural Soap for Men According to Our Soap Master

Are you on the hunt for the best natural soap for men? Whether you’re a woman looking for the best soap for men to give as a gift, or a man on the hunt for a great natural soap for yourself, CleanO2 has some fantastic suggestions for you.

Let’s Start with This: Do Men Really Need to Use a Different Kind of Soap than Women?

When it comes down to it, we all need soap to clean our bodies. The type of soap you choose is just a matter of preference. That said, there are some scents and colours that you might be less likely to gravitate towards when choosing a natural soap for men. 

The best bar soap for men is a natural soap that he enjoys the scent and feel of. Men may be drawn to a unisex type of bar with fresh, bright scents…or even no scent at all! But if you are wondering what scents are great to add to natural soap for men, here are some of our favourite essential oils for men’s soap.

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Essential Oils Needed to Make the Best Natural Soap for Men

  • Pine oil

What man doesn’t love the smell of the woods? Pine oil and other wood-based scents are some of the best essential oils for men’s soap since they evoke the feeling of nature and the great outdoors while lathering up in the shower.

  • Spearmint oil

The bright, fresh scent of spearmint is the perfect scent to wake you up in the morning. If you’re looking for the best soap for men in the morning, one that is infused with a mint essential oil is a great choice!

  • Gentleman’s Lavender oil

You may think that lavender is a more feminine scent, but a blend of essential oils to create Gentleman’s lavender oil is a great addition to any natural soap for men due to its balanced “forest floral” aroma.

Our Soap Master Found the Best Bar Soap for Men So You Don’t Have To

Our soap master created the best bar soap for men who like to get their hands dirty. CleanO2’s Restoration Scrub Hand Bar is just what you need for your toughest hand-washing challenges. Whether you’ve been working away in the garage or digging in the garden, this soap is packed with ingredients that lift off dirt, grime, grease, and even paint yet leave your hands feeling moisturized. 

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Top 3 Best Natural Soaps for Men

best natural soap bar for men

When it comes to the best body soap for men’s skin, we’ve got you covered too. Here are our recommendations for natural soaps for men (okay, we might be a bit biased).

This stimulating soap is the perfect companion for your morning shower because the spearmint scent will leave you revitalized, refreshed, and ready to tackle your day.

This sleek, black bar has a subtle, fresh scent that comes from a blend of spearmint, tea tree, and rosemary essential oils. And let’s face it, it just looks cool! 

This soap has a lovely unisex scent reminiscent of the forest so that each shower reminds you of camping. Instead of water, beer is used as the base of this soap, which produces a luxurious foamy lather and may just be the best soap for men who love their brews.  

Best Body Soap for Men’s Skin

Men struggle with all the same skin issues that women do, so it’s good to consider what the best body soap for men’s skin is, depending on the specific needs. That might mean an unscented soap for a man who has sensitive skin, or a spearmint-scented soap for a man who is looking for an invigorating scent in the shower.

And Finally, the Best Men’s Soap for Dry, Itchy Skin

When it comes to sensitive skin, the best bar soap for men is one that is gentle and moisturizing. The best men’s soap for dry, itchy skin is CleanO2’s Eco Aloe Body Bar. This soothing bar is fragrance-free, which can be helpful for easily irritated skin. It is packed with nourishing ingredients like aloe and coconut milk, which create a beautiful, creamy lather and calm and moisturize the skin.

So, there you have it, several great options for the best natural soap for men. Give them all a try to see which one is your favourite.

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